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Combative Pistol Membership

Caliber Training Group's Combative Pistol Membership is a unique opportunity to develop firearms handling and manipulation skills during regularly scheduled, weekly training sessions in a subscription based monthly membership program. Twice each week, you will receive professional 90 minute semi-private, training sessions and guided practice at an indoor range to develop essential self-defense shooting skills. In addition the group will meet for one 6 hour focused skill development session on an outdoor range, where your lessons will be pushed and tested in scenario based training and drills that cant be replicated on an indoor range.

Our Combative Pistol Membership offers you unprecedented flexibility and frequency to develop your firearms skills. Members enjoy recurring schedule options, small group sessions, live scenario training and drills, and camaraderie from a supportive group of like-minded individuals. As an added incentive, members in good standing, will receive discounts on Caliber Training Group in-house training courses and other special benefits, as part of your continued membership.

Each weekday Combative Pistol Membership class is 90 minutes and weekend sessions are 6 hours long. Each session includes a directed individual warm up, diagnosis of common shooting problems, specific skill instruction, and specific skill drills.

There are multiple skill levels in Caliber Training Groups Combative Pistol Membership program. This allows each member the opportunity to track their individual progress so they can see the value and benefits in their program participation. Students can advance to higher skill levels through monthly testing process, which includes a written test, live scenario training with Simunitions, hands-on practical skills, and live courses of fire.

Course Cost:
$200.00 Monthly

Combat Pistol Skill Builder 1

This course picks up where the NRA Basic Pistol course leaves off. It is designed to develop safe handling skills. The student will learn the basic fundamentals of shooting and how to safely draw their handgun out of the holster and place shots on a man sized target at various distances.

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Combat Pistol Skill Builder 2

This course is designed to develop skills for the student who uses his/her handgun as a primary firearm in a tactical or personal defense environment. You will soon advance to skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with a higher degree of accuracy and increase your confidence with your handgun.

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Combat Pistol Skill Builder 3

This course is the logical continuation of the skill sets taught in handgun 2. After a brief review and a diagnostic exercise, the course moves on to analysis and improvement of the shooters core technical skills. Combat mindset is re-visited in detail. Considerable emphasis is placed on one-handed unsupported shooting and weapons manipulation.

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