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Close Quarter Combative Handgun

Duration: 2.5 Days (approximately 20 hours) Beginning with Friday evening classroom session

Prerequisite: This training is open to ALL civilian students AT ANY SKILL LEVEL but to get the most out of the training, attendees should have a high level of skill and a reflexive understanding of safety measures.

Class Size:Maximum of 20 students

Description: This is it, that zero to five feet range where most street violence occurs. This is the course that ties it all together and dispels the myth of the gun being the immediate “go to” solution. Where a lot of other courses preach “distance”, in this course, we teach you how to get comfortable in that hole. How to thrive in the midst of chaos in those close ranges and wreak havoc and destruction on your attacker.

High intensity, multi-discipline, short duration combat at "Bad Breath" range, against live human adversaries in force on force scenarios, will make up the bulk of this class. It is specifically designed for those who understand that to prevail your training needs to address spontaneous active violence within arm’s length. There will be a HEAVY emphasis on close quarter empty hand combatives and transitions to “earning the weapons draw”. Learn to defend against a single adversary presenting an edged weapon threat as well as multiple adversaries armed with various weapons including firearms.

Have your skills tested in the crucible of realistic, stress induced Force on Force training. This is as close to real violence as you can get without getting your teeth kicked out. Separate “theory” from “Reality” and come test your limits. This course will teach you what works and what does not. Come and join us you will never want to train on a square range again. This is the class you will want to attend repeatedly to maintain your edge.

"We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the severest school... " - Thucydides


Ammunition Requirements:N/A

Gear: This is a Simunitions based course. The goal is to train as realistically as possible. Firearms and ammunition is neither necessary nor permitted at the training site at any time during the course! The majority of the class will be spent conducting scenario-based weapons training and combatives using simulated weapon systems. Caliber Training Group will provide dedicated converted pistols. Caliber Training Group will also provide basic protective mask and throat protection, all training ammunition as well as training aids such as training impact weapons, training OC and training knives.

Replica Blue gun, Training blade, Mouth piece, Groin protection, MMA gloves, clothing appropriate to the weather and that allow freedom of movement, Athletic footwear, Modern defensive pistol and a holster made specifically for that pistol and designed to be worn on the belt (no nylon, no SERPA), three magazines (minimum), magazine holders, belt, clear wrap-around ballistic eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system.



Course Cost: $400.00

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