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Emptyhand training

Unarmed Combatives

At Caliber Training Group, we define hand-to-hand combat as "an engagement between two or more persons in an empty-handed struggle or with hand-held implements such as knives, sticks, or other weapons which do not fire a projectile". You need skills that can be instantly and reactively adapted to account for the unpredictable nature of hand-to-hand combat. Also, you need to practice these skills against resistant opponents so you can learn to “read and speak the language” of violence.

Combatives training is primarily focused on developing fighting skills and abilities needed to prevail in a violent critical incident. Any training for self-protection must establish fundamental skills and be geared toward the threats most likely to occur according to your lifestyle. Combatives training accomplishes this better than just about any traditional karate or martial arts program available to private citizens. Combatives gives the individual the ability to employ different levels of force as the intensity and demands of the engagement continue and increase. Additionally, combatives training develops the aggression and confidence necessary for individuals to close with an attacker and seize the initiative to dominate, disable, or kill.

It is highly likely, that If you are carrying a weapon, openly or concealed, and your weapon becomes exposed, you will be forced to fight for control of the weapon in the event of a contact distance attack. This is where having been trained in empty hand combatives skills will prove to be invaluable. You will more than likely not be able to go directly for your weapon with any success without having the skils to create distance or slow down your attacker.

The fighting skills needed for success in a hand-to-hand combat encounter require development through a deliberate process that includes:

  • Initially establishing basic fighting skills
  • Expanding such skills within a training setting that reflected the demands and context of the operational environment.”
  • Developing the mindset to adequately respond to the threat

The following programs were designed specifically to instill these skills and mindset into the participants.

One Source Progressive Fighting System

This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively defend ones' life in the most efficient and safest manner possible.  The central core of this program involves knowing how and when to use the most effective tools of the body.  This course uses realistic training drills designed to develop the attributes necessary to execute the techniques learned.

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