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One Source Progressive Fighting / Rapid Assault Tactics (OSPF/RAT)
Founder / Head Instructor: Billy Jack Rucks

Instructor Bio:

Billy Jack Rucks is the founder and head instructor for ONE SOURCE PROGRESSIVE FIGHTING, established in 1997. Mr. Rucks has over 30 years in combative training in multiple disciplines and instructor ratings in Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, Grappling/ Ground Fighting, Firearms and has successfully completed Level I SWAT training.  

Billy Jack has extensive experience teaching the civilian population in one on one training programs and also in the corporate environment. In addition to instructing private citizens, Mr. Rucks is also a highly sought after instructor, held in high regard by the military units and federal law enforcement agencies he has instructed. Some of the Agencies that have contracted OSPF for training are Department of Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshals, FBI Task Force, ATF, SWAT, DEA and over 50 Law Enforcement departments.

Mr. Rucks has also worked with Elite Military Units including Weapons of Mass Destruction Units, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and Special Forces Units. Along with these accomplishments OSPF has successfully designed a force continuum program that’s meets the training requirements under the Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration four-tired scheme of threat levels. 

Mr. Rucks continues to “hone the razors edge” and since 2008, continues to stay operational as an Executive Protection Agent on the personal security detail of high net-worth clientele. Mr. Rucks has also completed courses in hi-risk assessment with accredited organizations as Olive Security and AT Risk Management.

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively defend ones' life in the most efficient and safest manner possible.  The central core of this program involves knowing how and when to use the most effective tools of the body.  This course uses realistic training drills designed to develop the attributes necessary to execute the techniques learned.

Rapid Assault Tactics or "The R.A.T." System can best be described as a way of bringing forth the most violence of action, using the most barbaric weapons, to effectively defend ones' life in the most efficient and safest manner possible. The RAT enables average men and women to quickly defend themselves against a larger aggressor benton your destruction. This system of combat has been taught to members of the US Navy Seals, D.E.A., Police, Federal Air Marshals, F.B.I., and other elite units whose lives are in danger in many instances. 

The RAT System is about survival and self-preservation, and is ideal when a situation has escalated where your life is threatened and the only option is to use the most lethal tools to preserve your life.  The central core of this program involves knowing how and when to use head butts, knees and elbows (HKE). RAT isn't really so much a fighting technique, though, as it is an understanding of the phases of the fight. Most people enter into a fight with no plan. They just fight until someone runs away, wins, or drops. That's leaving too much up to chance. If you go into a fight with a set plan (entry, pressure, termination) your chances of success goes up greatly.

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