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Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives Series

Criminals play by a different set of rules. A violent playbook devoid of compassion, sympathy, honor or integrity. Hardened by years of experience victimizing the weak. Like ruthless predators, they will use the environment, surprise and unrelenting force to overwhelm their prey in a violent critical incident. They will not fight your fight. They will not play fair. They will show no mercy.

URBAN GUN-FIGHTING COMBATIVES is Caliber Training Group's core curriculum. It is a multi-disciplinary approach developed to teach individuals how to not be the victim as they navigate the uncertain urban environment they live, work and play in daily. Our approach to teaching “self-defense” is different. You don't decide when you to have to protect yourself, the criminal decides that for you. Each class is structured with a “Safety now, Safer Later” principle. By training in this manner, you're not memorizing canned and structured techniques, you are adding tools to your combative toolset. The skills you will be taught in each class will add to your “toolbox” and make you more efficient at defending yourself immediately. As with almost every martial arts system, our approach won’t require you to study for months on end before the information is useful and repeatable.

The handgun, a powerful force multiplier, is at the core of our system, but by no means the most important aspect. We strive to provide you with the proper mindset and will to employ it, an understanding of the legalities as well as the skills to use it safely and with deadly efficiency. We dont simply teach you how to shoot, we teach you how to FIGHT with and without a gun. Each class in the series will focus on what we like to call “software training” that addresses the mental aspect of self-protection as well as training on the “Hardware” and introducing you to the tools such as firearms, pepper spray, impact weapons and more. Not every scenario will call for the introduction of lethal force and in some cases, even when lethal force is justified, it may not be the best option in context. It is this guiding set of principles that seperates us from other training resources. Each and every course in the series will cover the following topics in a progressive format:

  • Lawful Use of Lethal Force - Legal Aspects & Liablities
  • Situational awareness and Positioning
  • Verbal de-escalation strategies
  • Trauma self-aid
  • Live-Fire skill development
  • Empty hand combatives
  • Alternative Use of Force Options
  • Weapon retention/ Transition
  • SIMUNITIONS Force on Force Training

Our training strives to close the gap on their advantage and level the playing field. We teach you how to WIN not just survive. The criminal element does not fear the law. They only fear failure. Therefore we want to supply you, the “good guys”, with a look inside the mind of the criminal and the tactics they use. Using our “Teach, Train, Test” methodology, we equip you with the necessary tools to disrupt their efforts to make you a victim. We teach you how to aggressively engage a threat with “controlled violence” and make the predator the prey.


Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives: UGC1 - Combat Handgun Fundamentals

Beginning with the basics, this course will set the foundation for all future self-protection training you participate in. This comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to protecting yourself, touches on a number of subjects all but ignored by other training organizations. Through a carefully designed and detailed curriculum we introduce you to the key areas necessary to begin your journey of empowerment towards better being able to defend yourself and your loved ones, from violent crimes.

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Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives: UGC2 - Combat Handgun CCW

An introduction to concealed carry techniques for the student interested in carrying their pistol as a means of self-protection. The dynamic curriculum focuses of the use of the pistol in aggressive close range applications likely in a violent critical incident.

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Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives: UGC3 - Active Threat Response

In an active threat scenario like a mass shooting incident or terrorist threat such as the Westgate Mall incident, you will be forced to fight with what you have on you or around you at the time of the attack. In this course you will learn how to effectively engage targets at all ranges out to 75-100 yards, with your pistol, building the confidence to engage beyond the “square box range” distances of 25 yards. There will also be extensive material presented on the use of more effective empty hand techniques, improvised weapons as well as some information of escaping and evading threats in a disruptive environment.

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Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives: UGC4 - Close Quarter Combat Handgun

The reality of street violence is that it usually takes place at “bad breath Range”, inside zero to five feet. This is the course that ties it all together and dispels the myth of the gun being the immediate “go to” solution. Where a lot of other courses preach “distance”, in this course, we teach you how to thrive at those close ranges and wreak havoc, chaos and destruction on your attacker. High intensity, multi-discipline, short duration combat at close range against live human adversaries in force on force scenarios will make up the bulk of this class. You learn that if you do not move fast you get shot. You learn that if you do not upset your opponents thought process (OODA Loop) he will catch up and shoot you. It becomes evident that simple is faster, that fluidity and training are key and stagnation and ignorance are death. "Movement is Life"…

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