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Urban Preparedness

Introduction To Urban Preparedness

Urban Survival is not much different than wilderness survival, it's just a new twist on techniques to provide for our same basic survival needs. This class mainly covers how to bug in for a short term when a disaster hits your city. Bugging in is preparing your home to ride out the storm by making preliminary preps to ensure you have some basic comfort should the utilities go out and all hell breaks loose! Not only will you learn to survive in comfort but we will teach you to defend your property from people who intend to harm you or your property. With all the recent disasters and extreme weather events experienced across America, this class is a MUST for the urban city dweller.

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Civilian S.E.R.E. For Hostile Urban Environments

Survive, Evade, Resist, & Escape. This is our premier urban survival program that will completely prepare you to survive in any hostile urban environment that you might find yourself. This is the perfect class for women, business executives, or people worried about a potential natural disaster. Not only will be cover urban survival techniques for disasters, but we have a comprehensive anti-kidnapping section of the course that will teach you how to not get kidnapped, and if you do we will show you how to escape and deal with illegal custody! We will teach you the most important elements for surviving and test you to your maximum in a final field training exercise that will require you to complete several missions while escaping tracker teams! After each day you will be tasked with a night time operation to complete.

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